Tracts for Download and Printing

If anyone would like to use these tracts which I have written myself they are very welcome to do so.  You may leave my details in there, edit them out and leave them blank, or replace them with your own contact details, as you wish.

The tracts are set to print out two per A4 page, in an A5 size folded in the middle like a greetings card.  Most printers can take 160gsm paper or card which seems to work best.

In Microsoft Word 2010 and the document itself, there ought to be no need to change the settings.  Enable the print preview box, so that you can check that they will print out properly.

Some printers will print double-sided (duplex) automatically and others are manual, so please refer to your printer manual for instructions.  If you run into difficulties, you could try Googling your printer name with “print double-sided” and it is likely someone will have posted the print settings that will work.

If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Word the settings should work fine but may need some minor adjustments.  To convert .docx to .doc files download the Microsoft Office files converter, or convert free online here:

Just click to download:

Tract 1 – The evidence is overwhelming

Tract 2 – Down from His glory

Tract 3 – Because He lives

Tract 4 – True happiness

Tract 5 – Here is Love

Tract 6 – Satan’s biggest lie

Tract 7 – Sam as therapy

Tract 8 – The wondrous story

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Disciple of the Way
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